Name: Gudralisium rossumi van Viersen, 2015
Stratigraphy: Hanonet Formation, Eifelian-Givetian transition
Locality: Boutonville, Ardennes, Belgium

Most Asteropyginae in the Ardenno-Rhenish Mountains favoured near-coastal waters with substantial detritic influx. This rare Gudralisium is only found in the Hanonet Formation which represented the transition from Eifelian ramp environment to Givetian carbonate platform in the Ardennes. Only two specimens are known from Belgium at present, one in the collection of D. Lelubre and the other (holotype, illustrated below) found by A. van Rossum and housed, at present, by the Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht. Notice the circular perforations of the pygidial pleurae which go completely through the cuticle.

The specimen in the photos is just 3 mm long!

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