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Family Phacopidae
Subfamily Phacopinae

Adrisiops weugi (Morocco)
Austerops couvinensis (Ardennes)
Austerops hottonensis (Ardennes)
Geesops gallicus (Ardennes)
Geesops schlotheimi (Eifel)
Hottonops daumeriesi (Ardennes)
Loreleiops hoelleri (Eifel)
Loreleiops suffeleersi (Ardennes)
Morocops forteyi (Morocco)
Morocops spinifer (Morocco)
Morocops torkozensis (Morocco)
Nyterops hollandi (Ardennes)
Nyterops nyter (Eifel)
Omegops maretiolensis (Ardennes)
Phacops imitator (Eifel)
Phacops sartenaeri (Ardennes)

Family Proetidae
Subfamily Proetinae

Dohmiella acanthonota (Eifel)
Dohmiella dewildei (Ardennes)
Dohmiella stumporum (Eifel)
Dohmiella tenuiornata (Ardennes)
Gerastos arcus (Ardennes)
Gerastos catervus (Ardennes)
Gerastos batrachus (Eifel)
Gerastos couvinensis (Ardennes)
Gerastos dhondtae (Ardennes)
Gerastos kippingi (Eifel)
Gerastos lessensis (Ardennes)
Gerastos rommersheimensis (Eifel)
Gerastos snellingsi (Ardennes)
Longiproetus meiopsifius (Ardennes)

Subfamily Cornuproetinae
Cornuproetus cornutus (Eifel)
Cornuproetus latentissimus (Ardennes)
Diademaproetus dianae (Ardennes)

Subfamily Dechenellinae
Dechenella calxensis (Ardennes)
Dechenella daumeriesi (Ardennes)
Dechenella givetensis (Ardennes)
Dechenella rossumi (Ardennes)

Family Tropidocoryphidae
Subfamily Tropidocoryphinae
Astycoryphe arduinnae (Ardennes)
Astycoryphe exilis (Ardennes)
Astycoryphe jorusi (Ardennes)
Astycoryphe senckenbergiana (Eifel)
Tropidocoryphe barroisi (Ardennes)
Tropidocoryphe bassei (Eifel)

Subfamily Eremiproetinae
Phaetonellus lelubrei (Ardennes)

Family Aulacopleuridae
Subfamily Otarioninae
Tribe Otarionini

Cyphaspis agayuara (Morocco)
Cyphaspis belgica (Ardennes)
Cyphaspis bluhmi (Morocco)
Cyphaspis boninoi (Ardennes)
Cyphaspis ceratophthalmus (Eifel)
Cyphaspis eximia (Morocco)
Cyphaspis foumzguidensis (Morocco)
Cyphaspis goerlichi (Turkey)
Cyphaspis heisingi (Morocco)
Cyphaspis heissae (Eifel)
Cyphaspis ihmadii (Morocco)
Cyphaspis juergenhollandi (Morocco)
Cyphaspis khraidensis (Morocco)
Cyphaspis kippingi (Morocco)
Cyphaspis lerougei (Morocco)
Cyphaspis maharchensis (Morocco)
Cyphaspis rommersheimensis (Eifel)
Cyphaspis smeenki (Morocco)
Cyphaspis tadachachtensis (Morocco)
Cyphaspis unguloides (Eifel)
Cyphaspis walteri (Morocco)

Family Lichidae
Subfamily Trochurinae

Belenopyge sp. (Ardennes)
Ceratarges aries (Morocco)
Ceratarges cognatus (Ardennes)
Ceratarges koumalii (Morocco)
Ceratarges ziregensis (Morocco)
Eifliarges caudimirus (Eifel)
Ohleum magreani (Ardennes)

Family Odontopleuridae
Subfamily Odontopleurinae
Kettneraspis bayarti (Ardennes)
Kettneraspis prescheri (Morocco)
Radiaspis cf. comes (Ardennes)

Subfamily Koneprusiinae
Koneprusia maillieuxi (Ardennes)

Family Acastidae
Subfamily Asteropyginae

Bradocryphaeus maillieuxi (Ardennes)
Bradocryphaeus mosanus (Ardennes)
Bradocryphaeus neptuni (Ardennes)
Bradocryphaeus vanherlei (Ardennes)
Gudralisium rossumi (Ardennes)
Heliopyge helios (Ardennes)

Subfamily Acastavinae
Acastava lerougei (Ardennes)
Acastava schmidti (Eifel)
Acastella heberti (Ardennes)

Family Homalonotidae
Subfamily Homalonotinae

Arduennella maillieuxi (Ardennes)
Burmeisterella armata (Ardennes)
Burmeisterella delattrei (Ardennes)
Burmeisterella quadrispinosa (Ardennes)
Digonus roemeri (Ardennes)
Scabrella asselberghsi (Ardennes)

Family Scutelluidae
Subfamily Scutelluinae

Goldius angusticalix (Ardennes)
Goldius endelsi (Ardennes)
Goldius goolaertsi (Ardennes)
Torleyiscutellum decipulum (Ardennes)
Torleyiscutellum protrusifrons (Ardennes)
Septimopeltis magnispina (Ardennes)

Family Harpetidae
Harpes sp. (Ardennes)