Name: Cyphaspis bluhmi van Viersen & Holland, 2016
Stratigraphy: 'Ceratarges couche', ?Taboumakhlo├╗f Formation, Eifelian
Locality: Zireg, Morocco

Cyphaspis bluhmi is similar to Cyphaspis ceratophthalmus (Goldfuss, 1843), the type species of the genus from the middle Eifelian "Trilobitenfelder" of Gees, Gerolstein, Eifel. It lacks four sack-shaped tubercles frontally on the glabella but it does share with C. ceratophthalmus the steep genae, strongly inflated and angular (lateral view) glabella, among other features. Unlike the species from Gees, C. bluhmi is very small: its cephalon is just over 2 mm long.

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