Name: Astycoryphe arduinnae van Viersen, van Rossum & Prescher, 2012
Stratigraphy: Jemelle Formation, middle Eifelian
Locality: Boutonville, Ardennes, Belgium

Astycoryphe arduinnae is from the late middle Eifelian part of the Jemelle Formation; this part is comparable in age to the Junkerberg Formation in the Eifel. Astycoryphe senckenbergiana Richter, & Richter, 1919, however, is very different. The cephalon of Astycoryphe arduinnae is easily distinguished from all other Astycoryphe species by the very weak or absent tropidium anterior of the glabella. This species is only known from a specific bank at the Boutonville quarry which is now completely gone due to the ongoing quarry works.

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